The aim of the project designed by our clients was to produce a Digital media advertising area and Welcome wall as part of London city airports current expansion programme.

Our project brief included technical design and engineering of the 13m x 3m composite structure to look and feel like a poured concrete wall with minimum construction and installation time. The entire project taking less than 4 weeks from final sign off to installation.

The first step of the journey in creating the welcome wall sign for London City Airport.

We created a small scale proof of concept model to the specification of the technical drawing provided to us. This helps to visualise how the project would look when complete and highlights any difficulties we may face in the moulding stage.

The next step was to build a precise wooden frame mould, large enough to house the chosen composite material in shape as it sets.

Once the composite has set, the finished product is removed from the wooden mould and thoroughly inspected to ensure the highest possible quality. As you can see, the moulding was a great success! 

Both halves of the moulding were then loaded very carefully onto a truck bed, to transport it to the destination, at London City airport. In image three below you can see the steel mounting beams already in place to hold the structure. 

We then positioned the welcome wall in place, where it now stands as the perfect modern welcome sign for London City Airport.

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