Long term anti-corrosive protection of aluminium super structure, guard rails and funnel.

Able one is a 25m traditional tugboat design produced for Whitby Yachts, she is being fitted out to a very high standard with a view to be used as an extremely capable and seaworthy yacht.

Additional requirements

The builders/owners of the vessel stated that they wanted the finish quality and appearance of a super yacht paint system with the best protection from the elements possible whilst maintaining the look and feel of a traditional working tug, this included wanting to retain visible structural components along with all welds.

All remaining construction scars were to be eliminated and key feature lines such as the outer curtain plate and aft deck head overhang at main deck where to be faired to lift the over all finish to a subtle level which makes one look twice.


 This unorthodox yet understandable brief, like anything out of the norm caused its own set of problems, not least of which was not being able to sand any primer coats applied, the reason being that doing so would damage and soften the detail of the welds which the client wished to remain as visible as possible.

To achieve this meant finding a compatible primer with a long open window that would be flat enough when applied to enable us to achieve the required finish on the topcoat. The colour scheme chosen by the owners really complements the vessel and their attention to detail is second to none. We wish them the best of luck for the future and hope to see them at the Monaco boat show next September.

Deck after linishing, ready to receive a metal primer.

After leveling compound.

After blue quartz added

Final vacuum to remove loose quartz

The deck finished, with two layers of topcoat sealer

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