Fibreglass Specialists Contractors UK


We can manufacture custom fibreglass structures, for both the marine and domestic commercial markets. We have supplied fibreglass parts to the yacht building and ship building industries, as well as for wayfinding and advertising.

Marine Fibreglass For Yachts & Ships

Recent fiberglass projects include fibreglass panels for superyachts, and ammunitions trays and boxes.

  • Experts in fibreglass structures
  • Fully bespoke service
  • Quality finishes
  • ISO 9001 quality certified

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Wayfinding Sculpture & Advertising Installation Manufacture

We apply our skills from the superyacht and ship building industries to manufacture bespoke wayfinding navigation, and advertising installations.

We can manufacture and fit fibreglass and composite material structures built to our customer’s designs and material specifications.

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We can produce welcome signage installations, wayfinding sculptures, or custom advertising installations.

We provide these services to advertising agencies, wayfinding specialists, and architects.

Experience/ Projects: