Yacht Fairing Specialists

We are specialists in yacht fairing and painting. Projects worked on range from 40’ personal leisure craft through to 150m mega yachts

Fairing for Different Vessels


We have experience of fairing vessels of many different sizes and shapes, from superyachts to tug boats. We are experienced in and are approved to apply systems to all types of substrate including – Aluminium, timber, and fibreglass, for example, all require different fairing techniques and processes.

  • UK specialists
  • Reputation for high quality finishes
  • ISO 9001 quality certified

We have a reputation for high quality fairing, which provides the basis for our renowned high quality painting and coating finishes. This is the reason why superyacht manufacturers, and ship builders, trust us to finish their vessels to the high standards that their customers demand.

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What is Boat Fairing?


Fairing is the process of preparing a vessel for painting. It involves removing previous paint or coatings (optionally, through abrasive blasting), removing any imperfections in the surface through filling, and putting the vessel through a sanding process to make the hull smooth and ready for painting.