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As master spray painters in the marine market, we have experience, facilities and a trained workforce capable of producing the finest spray paint finishes on all varieties of polymeric substrate.

Through our ProKolor® Paintshop Service, we now offer that expertise to PVCu window and door fabricators who wish to have their products finished in an unlimited range of colours.

In partnership with ProKolor®, we exclusively provide a factory painting service using their ProKolor®  range of products; the market leading water-based coatings system specifically developed for the painting of PVCu construction products


We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service to our customers for all of their spray painting requirements.

We spray PVCu windows, doors, fascias and roofline products and will equally respond to individual and larger volume orders with the same high levels of service.

We can offer turnaround in 48 hours of receipt of the products to be painted at our premises.

Quality of Work

We operate with an expert team of sprayers, who work to the highest application standards and QA procedures to ensure we deliver complete satisfaction every time.

We work in close liaison with our and undertake product familiarization training as necessary, to ensure we meet all of the customers’ requirements in providing the decorative finish they are after.

The Exceptional Properties of ProKolor®

Bonds For Ever

ProKolor® creates a permanent bond to the PVCu surface, which eliminates any risk of flaking or peeling

Colour Confidence

ProKolor® uses the highest quality pigments that ensure that the colour will stay true for a minimum of 10 years

Guaranteed Performance

ProKolor® delivers a guaranteed performance with minimal maintenance (bi-annual cleaning)

ProKolor® is guaranteed for 10 years and has a life expectancy over 30 years for total peace of

mind and performance over the product life of the PVCu window or door.

Colour & Surface Finishes

ProKolor ® coatings are available in a limitless selection of colour shades and can be matched to any colour palette or range used in the paint industry. Customers can also select from a number of textures and finishes.


  • Silk Gloss or Matt
  • Fine or Coarse Textured
  • Metallic or Metallic Textured
  • Anti Heat
  • Dulux
  • Farrow and Ball
  • Little Green

Certified Performance

ProKolor® is certified and approved to AAMA 615-05 the America Standard, widely recognized as the toughest performance criteria for PVCu coatings in the world.

AAMA 615-05 Certification Guarantees:

  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding colour uniformity and resistance
  • High scratch resistance
  • Excellent adhesion
  • High film hardness
  • Excellent resistance against weather

The technical performance of ProKolor®  coatings has been verified by international test

standards to be at least equivalent to that of foils

Coatings: The Right Choice for Colour

The demand for coloured (non-white) windows has grown rapidly in the UK in recent years and is forecast to continue to grow strongly.

The decorative foils traditionally used for PVCu profiles are not the ideal solution as they require inventory to be held for every colour shade offered. Non-standard colours require long lead-times and special order surcharges.

In contrast, coatings are applied as a finishing process and offer a limitless choice of colour without any additional inventory holding, extended lead-time or surcharge.

Adding Appeal and Value to PVCu Windows

Adding a painted finish to a PVCu window can enhance the appearance of the window significantly and expand the appeal of the product to a wider customer base.
From replicating the look of a traditional timber window when painted in traditional colour shades, to using a metallic finish to create the appearance of a contemporary metal window, the potential of coatings goes well beyond the just choice of colour.
Of course, in all cases this will also result in an attractive uplift in the sales price of the window.

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