We were tasked with removing all existing Altro floor coating, carry out necessary remedial work. Lay new seamless epoxy floor coating.

The previous floor coating had failed and caused extensive damage to both the existing floor substrates and further damage to the cellar below. The extent of the damage was considerable, and unknown at the start of the project. Despite this, the project was completed on time.


As you can see, the damage to the flooring was considerable before we started work at the fishmongers.

After completion, the damage has been completely repaired, and replaced with a new, more durable flooring.

Setting the Falls

Removal of the plywood layer revealed ‘lows’ in the substrate of over 40mm. These lows were the cause of pooling in the previous system which in turn contributed to the leaks and consequent damage to the floor boards and to the cellar below.

The image on the left shows how far from level these areas were! 

The lows were removed during the self-leveling process to ensure any water had a clear and free run to the drains.


New plywood is laid over the repaired lower floor and coated with a low viscosity primer in preparation for the fibreglass sealing coat.


Finally, the epoxy self-leveling screed goes down, this layer was applied between 5mm and 40mm thick to ensure that the before mentioned pooling issue was eradicated.

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