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MPC is proud to be one of only a handful of UK/EU approved Syndeck applicators. Our superyacht finishing background means our team of craftsmen pay particular attention to detail leaving many other applicators in our wake.


Syndeck is fast becoming the go-to product for all marine decking solutions where IMO approval is a must. The combination of ultra lightweight deck underlayments, innovative, flexible topcoats and a surface finish second to none have found Syndeck making huge in-roads both in the defence, commercial and cruise shipping markets.

Syndeck’s Ultra lightweight Underlayment is four times lighter than traditional underlayments; this weight saving will contribute to better fuel economy which in turn helps the environment.

Further environmental and financial benefits exist due to the longevity of the product, Syndeck is an epoxy based system; when compared to traditional underlayment and deck topcoat systems Syndeck is proven to be more flexible, completely water resistant and more resilient to cracking and chipping. All of these benefits, when taken over the long term mean Syndeck IMO systems, will prove to be not only the most aesthetic, suitable and hardwearing product on the market but also the most economical.

All Syndeck products are IMO wheel mark accredited

MPC can supply and fit the full range of Syndeck IMO accredited products listed below

  • IMO Bond coat 1222
  • IMO Ultra lightweight underlayment 1290 FC
  • IMO 1.5 Lightweight underlayment 1295
  • IMO Decorative Terrazzo Ultra Lightweight 1290FC Terra
  • IMO Coloured / Clear 5100 Resin Grout Sealer
  • IMO Coloured Epoxy 5100 US standard colours
  • IMO Coloured Epoxy 5100 Uk standard colours
  • IMO Coloured Epoxy special colours
  • IMO Coloured Epoxy self-levelling 5100
  • IMO Flex 1285 topcoat (3 and 15L sizes)
  • IMO UVR Clear topcoat 2590 (3 and 20L sizes)
  • IMO Clear epoxy 5100
  • Clear Matt seal PU WB

Syndeck systems are ideally suited, but not limited to, the following areas

  • Wet rooms
  • Toilets
  • Washrooms
  • Medical rooms
  • Galleys
  • Refectories/Mess rooms
  • Welfare and fitness areas
  • Link and passenger corridors


HMS Ocean

Babcock Plymouth – Syndeck – 10m2

HMS Scott

Babcock Plymouth – Syndeck – 10 in number washrooms – 25m2. Lobby area 8m2

HMS Scott

Gibraltar – Syndeck – IMO ultra lightweight and flex system

RFA Cardigan Bay

Syndeck – Corridors and communal Shower/Toilet 300m2. – Accommodation block washrooms 300m2

RFA Mounts Bay

Syndeck – Corridors and communal Shower/Toilet 300m2. – Accommodation block washrooms 300m2

RFA Argus

Syndeck – Hospital wardrooms and MRI room (200+m2)

RFA Argus

Syndeck – Crew mess room deck

HMS Enterprise

Syndeck – Crew washrooms

HMS Echo

Syndeck – Crew washrooms

HMS Mersey

Syndeck – Crew washrooms

HMS Tyne

Syndeck – Crew washrooms

HMS Severn

Syndeck – Crew washrooms and Galley

MV Hebrides

Syndeck – Crew washrooms

Nuclear fuel carrier ship

Oceanic Pintail – Syndeck – Extensive crew washroom refurbishment and full non-skid galley floor system

SD Impulse

Syndeck – Crew washrooms and Galley non-skid flex system

CEFAS Endeavour

Syndeck – 15 Crew washrooms

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